Smart Parking Management Solution

for Smart Cities, Stadiums, and Malls.”

Get to know the chances of getting a parking

Before you reach the Destination.

Plug N play Sensor

Predicting Parking and availability

Indoor and outdoor Navigations

Centrally Managed app

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Smart parking Solutions

Mark n Park is transforming how to go and search for parking space for vehicle. we, the team of engineer’s and business strategist focus on the new era of smart connected device, propelling them to the forefront of the digital world. We are capitalizing on the convergence of IOT, Cloud machine Learning , and applications to make solutions more simple so that enterprises and users using them can improve services, operations and customer’s experience 

Data Dashboard


Real time Monitoring

Real time parking accupancy in each parking facility will be displayed in the dashboard of the management system and will be updated in real 

Oversell Analysis

Analyze the unique parking behavior associated with individual tenants/parking groups in as effort to make targeted oversell decisions based on each groups distinct usage patterns

Future Projection

The system will analyze historical and real time data to make predictions about the future accupancy and revenue for up to 30 days in advance 


The System will give historical occupancy analysis ,revenue analysis and duration analysis 

Component 39 – 1@2x
Gather Parking data

We first gather parking data of the entire mall or an entire city to put in the platform with your help. and this data starts showing up in our APP in Minutes. The users can be Smart Cities, Municipal Corporations, Traffic Division, Private Parking Operators , Offices, Stadium, mall and anything where parking is available

Component 42 – 1@2x
Installing On Ground parking sensors

Next Stage is we install our On Ground parking sensors(Car detecting sensors ) which we will be using identifying occupancy of parking space. Whether the space is empty of free we will know via the Sensor they are Plug n Play with battery and runs over 5 years

Real time Parking Data

Once the On Ground parking sensorsare install we can start gathering the parking data in real time. the data will be send on an encrypted and secure transmission to our centrally managed databases

Component 40 – 1@2x
See Your Data

Now You can see the parking data at the entry via LED boards of your operators mobile or on a website or on our already integrated Mark N Park app. We can share a simple API with you if you only want to integrate out hardware with your interface with your hardware

Component 41 – 1@2x
Managed Parking Data and Insights

Boom!!! Now everything is up and you got the data . Next thing is the management . Along with managing your parking space you can manage employees, get real-time revenue collection and request us for customize report

Optimize Parking

As we have enough data, we will help you optimize your parking space, and if you are willing then increase revenue as well

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